Current CAMP Panelists

Z Zeller – Senior Mentor/Mediator


Ms. Zeller (“Z”) has been mediating for over five years. zShe has mediated more than 850 cases as a volunteer mediator, including over 700 cases for CAMP in eight different courthouses. Ms. Zeller has mediated unlawful detainer, civil harassment, elderly abuse, domestic violence, limited jurisdiction and small claims cases for CAMP, with settlement rate well above 90%. She has also mediated over 160 community conflicts, between either youths and their parents or youth offenders and their victims. Ms. Zeller is also Senior Buddhist Jail Chaplain for the LA County Sheriff’s Department and works with about 80 inmates weekly, teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy and ethics.

Ms. Zeller earned a Master’s in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine School of Law in December 2013, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. This program has been ranked the #1 dispute resolution program in U.S. law schools for the twelve past thirteen years. She also earned a MA in Economics from Trinity College and a MBA from Harvard Business School with Distinction. She retired after a career as an equity investment analyst and portfolio manager.   

Currently, as a practicing mediator in both the public and private sector, she serves as a CAMP mediator and mentor in Civil Harassment and Limited Jurisdiction cases. Mary’s background as creator of several mentoring programs and NPO board memberships compliments her panelist position.

John Mitchell – Mentor/Mediator

John brings over 20 years of experience as a real estate transactional practitioner, and litigator in state and federal courts. On the panel of Mediators for the U.S. District Court, Central District, he focuses on banking, creditor/debtor issues, real estate and others matters.  John serves as a Judge Pro Tem for the Los Angeles Superior Court, hearing traffic, unlawful detainer and civil harassment cases as the trial judge and has served as a mediator and mediation mentor on Unlawful Detainer cases, Small Claims, Civil Limited & Unlimited cases. He currently participates as a neutral for CAMP on civil harassment, domestic violence without children, elder abuse and workplace violence cases where a party seeks a restraining order.  John found a passion for bringing peace to these volatile situations volunteering for CAMP and decided to work as an advocate for The Restraining Order Clinic of Los Angeles on restraining orders matters that are not associated with CAMP.  Mediating full time since 2014, he has settled over four hundred cases and the number is growing.  He enjoys coaching mediation students with civil harassment mediations, holding that “once you master these high-intensity mediations, the rest are a piece of cake.”  He has written an article on LinkedIn entitled, Ten Mediator Commandants Coming to You Straight Outta Compton, to help student mediators prepare for civil harassment mediations, and has published a theoretical approach to cross-cultural dispute resolution also available on LinkedIn entitled, KWANZAA: A New Peacemaking Paradigm from Ancient Wisdom & an African American Holiday.    

Wendy Fassberg – Mentor/MediatorWendy_Fassberg

Wendy brings to the mediation arena over 35 years of experience as a real estate, construction, and business litigator, as well as a transactional practitioner in these specialties. She has participated as a neutral or as an advocate in countless successfully resolved disputes. She has dealt with a broad range of real estate, construction and business matters on multiple levels, with the purchase and sale of real property, development, construction, and management for single family homes, multi-family housing, as well as common interest developments and homeowner associations, along with the loan transactions for each matter. Added to her experience as a mediator and an attorney, she also bring the cooperative experience of having worked with a diverse range of people on multiple governing and advisory boards and committees, both business and charitable, as well as on numerous homeowner association boards and committees. She has served as president of several of these organizations.